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Hello and welcome to the After Hours Consulting Home Page. Our mission is simple: to offer superior Macintosh computer service and support to North Carolina's Triangle (including Research Triangle Park). Our focus is principally business support (hardware, software and internet solutions); however, we work with private citizens, too.  To that end, we've designed our website to provide timely and useful information about our services and about your Macintosh.  The menu bar at the bottom of each page permits quick access to all key areas of our site.  If you are new to the Web, click here for help with our site.

Our website offers several services to the Macintosh community: legacy issues of our newsletter are available on the AfterThoughts page. Our email address, phone number, snail mail address and fax number is posted on the Contact Us page. We've moved over most of our Frequently Asked Questions to the new Triangle Mac Users Forum, added in a free Classified Ads section, and an open discussion forum for the public. Learning basics about the Mac and using your browser with our website can be found in the Help section. The Links page offers up a number of interesting links to Macintosh information, software, and other handy sites. Our Rates and policies are published on the Rates page. Our software solutions are available from Solutions; webhosting services from our sister company,; and a brief intro is on Who We Are.

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