AfterImage™ is offered at four very attractive prices to suit your individual needs:

***  AI is careware.  We will waive the registration amount for non-network versions if you make an equivalent cash donation to any qualifying relief or non-profit organization.   Click here for details.  ***

Basic file set : $50.00 U.S.
Single-user mode, unlimited record use of AI, help guide in PDF format, current version available via ftp download. Technical support offered through our list server accounts.

Network file set: $500.00 U.S.
Multi-user mode, unlimited record use of AI, full help guide in PDF format, current version available via ftp download or on CD ($15.00 U.S. additional shipping may apply), includes one copy of FileMaker Pro, current version, shrink wrapped*. Technical support offered through our list server accounts.

Registration renewals: It is not necessary to reregister your product on an annual basis.  We think such practices are unethical.  Once you purchase a license to use the software, that version is yours to use 'til the cows come home.  However, continued improvements and feature enhancements takes a great toll, and some of that is a financial cost upon our company.  As a result, version upgrades (say, from v1.x to v2.0, or the latest license version) is $25.00 U.S.

A note about the difference between upgrades and updates: Upgrades are version changes. This means that substantial changes and additions have occurred during our continuing development of the product.  These changes fundamentally alter how the software functions, and what you get for your purchase price.  To fund these new versions, we charge a modest upgrade fee.  Versions are noted as Version 1.x or Version 2.x.  Bug fixes are considered updates, and are free to current registered users within a version class.  An update is noted as Version 1.1 or 1.3a. Users who wish to upgrade from one category license to another are credited the initial registration fee toward the upgrade cost.

Fine Print:   *Note, purchaser is responsible for complying with all software licenses from FileMaker, Inc., Apple Computer, and other software publishers whose product may be employed on your system. Additional copies of FileMaker Pro are the responsibility of the buyer.  Network copies of software require one legal copy of FileMaker Pro to be installed on each workstation for a registered user.  The software license only permits site-wide networking of our software and does not include copies of FileMaker Pro.  After Hours reserves the right to limit the total number of users in future releases without prior notification.  Additional terms and conditions subject to change without notice.  Use of this software is subject to federal, state and local laws. Read the license agreement included with the documentation for additional information.

Questions?  We can be reached at

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