AfterImage™ ships with a comprehensive guide, covering everything from initial installation to daily operation.

AI, at version 1, is a fully functional system to manage your image content.  It doesn't do everything, but for basic image cataloging needs, AI will fit your needs.

AI is still improving, too.  With this latest release, we've also corrected a few minor issues for our current users.  Why do we take the effort to show that our product isn't quite perfect?   We want our customers to know that we feel their input is important to us.  No software package is perfect -- there are bugs in all releases, and no release gives every user every feature they demand.  After Hours does pledge to stand behind our software, and continue to develop and improve what we release.  Minor version revisions are always free for download from this site.  That's our commitment to you.  Major improvements and additions to our packages are released periodically, to address new needs and changes in Apple's software.  Many of these changes result from suggestions our users offer.

AI updates are also listed on

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