Discussing AfterImage:


You may want join our AfterImage discussion group, "ailist".  Simply select the link to Macjordomo (our automated list server) below and add the command:  Subscribe AfterImage to the body of the message.  Here's an example:

Simply substitute AfterImage for the word listname in the body of your outgoing message.  You'll receive a special registration code in a return message from Macjordomo.  Copy and paste the return message in a reply to Macjordomo -- and you are subscribed.  Here is an example:

And, you guessed it: all you have to do is make sure the two lines about your confirmation number are in the confirmation reply.  Once you are subscribed, you can join in the discussion by sending messages to: ailist@afterhoursconsulting.org.  If your service doesn't support auto-email generation (older AOL users, in particular), copy and paste the address and body text to the appropriate fields in a new outgoing message.  To join the list, click here:


To unsubscribe from ailist, simply send the command "unsubscribe afterimage" in the body (without the quote marks) from the email account which receives AIlist.

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