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Welcome to AfterThoughts, the After Hours periodic periodical.

Our latest AfterThoughts... Vol. 2, Number 3, June 2000.
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 Spring, 1999

Volume 1, Number 1

 Quicken, unknown files, PowerBook PRAM batteries

May, 1999

Volume 1, Number 2

 Linux, turning Mac off, Iomega safety recall

 June, 1999

Volume 1, Number 3

 Software updates, power surges, G3 PowerBooks

 July, 1999

Volume 1, Number 4

 More software updates, fonts, PowerBook serial numbers

 August, 1999

Volume 1, Number 5

 Small Office/Home Office solutions, 'net browsers, iBook

 Fall, 1999

Volume 1, Number 6


December, 1999

Volume 1, Number 7

Webhosting your business, PC/Mac Pagemaker woes,

Winter, 2000

Volume 2, Number 1

 AirPort, RAM allocation, RAM pricing

Spring, 2000

Volume 2, Number 2

 OS 9, Doing taxes on your Mac, new PowerBooks

June, 2000

 Volume 2, Number 3

 Fonts - an introduction, PostScript printing, updates tidbits

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