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This page supplies answers to common and not-so-common questions about Macintosh use. Our clients are welcome to drop us a note about questions or concerns you don't see addressed here. If you are new to After Hours, tour the rest of the website, such as Who We Are. If you would like to learn more about how our services can help you, Contact Us.  (If you have trouble downloading a file, please visit our Help file or read below for assistance )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about using your Macintosh are listed below.
  1. opening unknown types of files (with reference table)*
  2. opening really stubborn unknown types of files
  3. opening email attachments
  4. leaving a computer on over night*
  5. power surges -- practical thoughts*
  6. sharing compressed files with Windows users
  7. sharing business files with Windows users (word processing, spreadsheet, databases, etc)
  8. Error codes and what they mean
  9. RAM allocation -- out of memory errors*
  10. personal and business accounting with taxes*
  11. basic font issues*
  12. upgrading software
  13. Netscape web-browsing & email in v4.x
  14. Internet browser sluggishness & Cache issues*
  15. Home networking and the Internet
  16. SPAM & Hoaxes
  17. eMail: HTML text in the message
  18. Viruses
  19. Printing: PostScript errors*
  20. Mac Basics: Turning on the Mac
  21. Mac Basics: Using the Mouse and getting around on your Desktop
  22. Mac Basics: Keyboard Shortcuts
  23. Mac Basics: Lost file icons and rebuilding your Desktop
  24. Mac Basics: Turning off the Mac
  25. Mac Basics: Using Applications 101
  26. Mac Basics: Printing & Faxing


        [* this FAQ was featured in an AfterThoughts newsletter]