With the advent of the Internet, our whole way of communicating has changed.  And with it, a new vehicle to publish and distribute hoaxes and urban legends has grown up. Even whole businesses designed to profit from the general public's fears, ignorance and self-doubts stalk the web.  Because computers appear so complex (they are nothing more than over-grown adding machines, after all), and because the way computers function can seem magical at first, folks tend to allow themselves to believe the most ridiculous statements propagated on the 'net.

This website is to help you educate yourself into becoming more self-reliant with your Macintosh -- and part of that self-reliance is the development of critical thinking skills we have woefully abandoned in the last several decades.  Mac users are generally quite independently-minded, and rail against the herd mentality that is society today.  It is true that many, many other computer users (Unix-based and Windows) share that independent streak.  But many more folks around the world are constantly fooled into believing the most ludicrous of claims, simply because it came as a forwarded email from a friend or was posted on a website in an authoritative manner.  We invite you to begin to think critically again.  Save yourself from the onslaught of dumb email chain letters, or propagating misleading or inaccurate information.

How?  Start here.  Educate yourself about hoaxes, hogwash, and SPAM (unwanted email).  We've collected some links below to help you discover for yourself whether that email forward will magically gain you millions, or if that virus that hit your Windows friends poses any threat to you.

Web links are subject to change without notification.  If one of the above links fails, please tell us so we can correct or eliminate the broken link: webmaster@afterhoursconsulting.org