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Helpful links for Mac software & hardware


(general category by company or title):
  • Aatrix (Aatrix accounting, Mac P&L, Top Pay for Quickbooks, etc.)

  • ACI US (4D relational database)

  • Adaptec, Inc. (Toast CD authoring software, Network hardware)

  • Addiction Interactive (Rainbow Painter)

  • Adobe, Inc. (Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, GoLive, etc.)
  • ADS Technologies (USB hubs)

  • Aladdin Systems, Inc. (Stuffit compression software, MacTicker stock sw etc.)

  • Alpha (text editor for programming, HTML, Java, Perl, LaTeX, C++, quite powerful)

  • America Online (ISP - Worldwide)

  • Apple Computer, Inc. (Macintosh desktops and PowerBook laptops, Mac OS, AppleWorks, Linux, etc.)

  • Asante (Ethernet cards, hubs and networking products)

  • AT&T Worldnet (ISP - US+)
  • Connectix Corp (Virtual PC, etc.)

  • Cross Culture Ltd (ClinicWorks-medical/dental, Deacon-church, Quickworks-small business)
    • Dantz Development Corp. (Retrospect system & network backup)

    • Dartmouth College, (Fetch) Hanover, NH USA

    • Davis (Weather Stations and monitoring software)
  • Deneba (Canvas graphic/web design & DenebaCAD )
  • MacWorld magazine (monthly Macintosh news and information)

  • Metrowerks Corporation (CodeWarrior C++, Pascal development environment)

  • MicroMat, Inc. (Techtools repair utilities)
    • Microsoft, Inc. (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Office 98, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express)

    • Motorola (along with IBM, manufacturers of the CPU for Apple Macintosh computers)

    • Mulberry (eMail client)
  • Musashi (email client)

  • MYOB (accounting)

  • Neologic (NeoAccess database)

  • Netscape, Inc. (Netscape Communicator)
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    Business Software


    Desktop & Web Publishing, eMail, Design, & Graphics


    Internet Service Providers

    for the Mac
    (now with support for Apache, Pro Fortran, games, etc)


    Search Engines

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    Search Engines:

    Altavista  |  Excite  |  Google (see below)  |  HotBot  |  Infoseek  |  Internet Auction list  |  Looksmart  |  Lycos  |  Metacrawler  |  ReversePhone -- know the number, but not the name? Find it here.  |  Snap  |  Switchboard (people and business address/number finder)  |  Yahoo