In addition to our consulting services, we develop database solutions for business applications. You may download a demo for evaluation and testing at your leisure. Each demo is a fully functional version of our commercial product, which you may test for a limited time. We strive to improve our software and value your feedback, so please feel free to offer comments and suggestions.

Software selections currently available:

AfterImage (AI) is an image storage solution for scanned graphics and in-house artwork. With a simple straight-forward import process, you can take your image files directly into a storage and viewing system with an ease rivaling far more expensive data asset management [DAM] packages. Download this standalone solution and import from 1 to hundreds of images in a batch.


 For more information about AI (OS 9), click here

ExpertConsultant (EC) is a FileMaker Pro™ based database solution for running a small business for the Macintosh platform. This fully-functional demo version includes all necessary software for you to explore EC. It comes with an extensive user's manual, and a complete commercial version is available for a modest careware fee.

For more information about EC (OS X), click here

TalentCard (TC) is a database for entertainment professionals wishing to digitize their talent warehouse. With an inexpensive scanner or digital camera, you can move your entire talent library on to your desktop or PowerBook for instant access to all of your current or aspiring stars. No more closets full of shoe boxes with dog-eared cards and headshots, no more lost opportunities to cast the perfect fit.  Download this standalone solution and begin to simplify your casting life. Full documentation is available with the commercial version


 For more information about TC (OS 9), click here

All available packages are compressed, and may be opened using the latest version of Aladdin's compression package, Stuffit. We recommend that you visit the Aladdin site, which has useful compression software for both the Macintosh and the Windows PC platforms. (Macintosh users will want to download Stuffit Expander) To obtain a PDF reader for free, visit Adobe's website and download the reader appropriate for your computer.

( If you have any difficulty downloading a file, please visit our Help file or FAQ page for assistance )