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"Just be glad I don't take it all" - Lennon/McCartney, Tax Man, Beatles White Album


April 15 is never far enough away. Quicken, Macintax, Kiplinger TaxCut & QuickBooks users have some nifty options in those packages for easing the paperwork burden. And even if you don't do your taxes by computer, the IRS has made obtaining tax forms and instructions, all of them on CD, very easy. If neither the post office nor the library have the forms you need, this CD should. And, it'll save you return trips today to the your local IRS office, too.

Minimum system requirements:

Mac 68020 or higher, 4 Mb RAM for the application (recommended 6 Mb for PPC), OS 7.0 or later, 15 Mb drive space. Available at or 877-233-6767 ($13 or $20, plus $5 for S&H, depending on how you order). Oh, and order 50 copies or more, and get a discount of $7/CD. Of course, this is only useful for Tax Year 1998 unless you file for an extension today.  Remember: you do need to pay in full by midnight on the Ides of April, even if you are filing for an extension.

Most forms are also available from the IRS website ( for downloading in acrobat PDF format.  For North Carolina residents, there are forms for downloading at ( Both the IRS and NC have done a much better job with their website this year than in years past.  (Acrobat reader is available for free from

Of additional interest may be a visit to the Social Security Administration.  The SSA website is You can explore their site, but what we found most interesting is the on-line form to request your current benefits estimate. They'll determine all that you have contributed to date, and give you a heads-up for your future benefits.

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