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After Hours was established in 1987 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Our Wilmington, North Carolina office relocated to Raleigh, NC in 1998.

Who we are: After Hours is a Macintosh contract system administration firm, webhosting facility and buyers advocacy service for the greater Triangle region: Raleigh (and Cary), Durham, Chapel Hill and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We concentrate on business enterprise & web solutions using Macintosh computer systems, acting as outsource contract technical expertise.  Our services include:


Additional services offered: Our services cover virtually all Apple Macintosh™ products and peripherals, along with many third-party products (clones, printers, scanners, monitors, mixed networks, drives, etc.) We offer warranted power protection and uninterruptible power supplies, software and hardware security, and computer insurance. Additionally, After Hours provides CD and DVD archiving for the Mac: your information securely and permanently burned on to CD or DVD for your archival purposes. Click here to download a PDF on optical archiving and its benefits.  We also have slide and print scanning facilities in the event your equipment is out of service or you require special media handling.  Our principal customer base is corporate, but we also service the small office/home office ( SOHO) and consumer market.  We even offer classes on an introduction to the Mac as a business computer.  Your employees learn the Mac from the Basics on up.  Learn about the advantages of employing a Mac with the THINK button below.

Return Policies: As a buyers advocate, we attempt to educate our customers as accurately as possible, and ease any purchase needs by doing footwork for the customer as required. No matter how well we do our job, sometimes items need to be replaced or refunded. We will accept material goods returned for replacement or refund without question only if the item has manufacturing defects. All other returns including buyers remorse items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. We cannot refund shipping costs passed on to the customer from the source vendor, but their return policies may offer such coverage and we'll be happy to pass along any benefit. Returns do require all packaging and parts and will be replaced with a like or better item to your satisfaction or a full (usually immediate) refund will be issued upon proper receipt of item. We do not maintain an on-site inventory, but rather utilize Just-In-Time procurement with a 10% markup. Invoices will reflect shipping charges accrued as will as NC sales taxes if applicable. Payment for any material goods is due upon receipt. Refunds cannot be offered beyond the first 30 days of ownership. Orders for items may be cancelled with no penalty at any time prior to our processing of the purchase. While these are our customer policies and terms, we strive to meet every customer's need and maintain a flexible case-by-case question resolution attitude.

Privacy: We take our customers' privacy very seriously. Under no circumstances will we reveal business relationship details about our clients to anyone without either prior expressed written approval of that client or a court order. References are available upon request.

After Hours is a privately-held firm, owned and operated by Paul S Vail